12. Made in Chicago Festival

Made in Chicago '17

The 12th International Jazz Festival | Poznań, 25-28 May 2017

The twelfth edition of Made in Chicago is coming to town. It is the second edition of this event held in May and based on the original script, fully grounded in Poznań and playing out according to a slightly refreshed, open formula. The second decade of the festival is marked by consistently moving out into the urban space and opening up to new things – both the formal ones like music venues and associated events and genre-focused, combining jazz tradition with all forms of musical expression. All this is meant to give voice to the primal meaning of jazz – liberty and freedom of expression, not only as an artist ...

Perhaps it is the stories of Chicago and Poznań interlinking on the level of a multidisciplinary approach to freedom, from civil liberties to art trends, that form the foundation of the long-standing music cooperation between the cities. Chicago is a multicultural city with diasporas from around the world, including a sizeable contingent from Poland. Poznań is the cradle of Polishness, located halfway between Warsaw and Berlin. Based on this assumption, this edition we decided to give the festival an additional dimension – the dimension of the key word, a common denominator bridging all projects of each Made in Chicago edition. The inaugural festival key word in 2017 will be precisely FREEDOM.

How do we understand it? How do we express it? How do we name it? The concept of FREEDOM will be present in each and every element of Made in Chicago '17. Please, come see the concerts. Obviously. What is not so obvious are concert venues. Take part in the workshops. We'll have something for professionals and something for kids. There'll be hip-hop and jazz at – quite literally – tram loops, bus stations, pavements and even on the riverside. Relax ... Scena na Piętrze and Zamek Cultural Centre will still host the main events. Come see the premiere performance by Poznań Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra – the first official jazz band representing our city, which is soon to become one of Estrada's showcase acts. Eagerly waiting to unveil the full programme, we wish to invite you to the festival. We hope we’ll truly experience May in Chicago!

Estrada Poznańska Crew

Małgorzata Kempa
festival director

Michał Wiraszko
music director